Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews & Buying Guide – {2020 Edition}

Mowing the lawn isn’t exactly an activity that one looks forward to doing. The only thing you get out of it is feeling sore and having all your clothes covered in bright green stains.

But this does not have to be your experience with lawn mowing anymore. With the right equipment, mowing your lawns can become one of your favorite tasks to do.

Enter zero-turn mowers.

A good zero-turn mower will do the trick in this case. And we’re here to present the best zero turn mowers available today. Using one of these zero turn mowers (aka. ZTR), you will see reduced mowing times and more enjoyable mowing experience.

Zero Turn Mowers Comparison Table

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower ReviewRyobi Zero Turn Mower ReviewToro Zero Turn Mower ReviewsJohn Deere Zero Turn Mower ReviewTroy-Bilt Zero Turn Mower
Terrain Type: Flat with Obstacles, HillyTerrain Type: Flat with ObstaclesTerrain Type: Flat with ObstaclesTerrain Type: Flat with ObstaclesTerrain Type: Flat with Obstacles, Hilly
Cutting Width: 50 InchCutting Width: 42 InchCutting Width: 50 InchCutting Width: 42 InchCutting Width: 42 Inch
Engine: KawasakiEngine: RyobiEngine: KawasakiEngine: OEM BrandedEngine: Troy-Bilt
Deck Type: FabricatedDeck Type: StampedDeck Type: FabricatedDeck Type: StampedDeck Type: Stamped
Weight: 570 lbWeight: 700 lbWeight: 621 lbWeight: 496 lbWeight: 580 lb
Power Type: GasPower Type: ElectricPower Type: GasPower Type: GasPower Type: Gas
No of Blades: 3No of Blades: 2No of Blades: 3No of Blades: 2No of Blades: 2
Warranty: 3 YearsWarranty: 3 YearsWarranty: 3 YearsWarranty: 2 YearsWarranty: 3 Years
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Buying an excellent zero-turn mower will not be a life-changing event, but we know it will change how you look at your yard work.

What is great about them? You ask.

What’s great about them is that they come with a turning radius that helps you get around the obstacles. They come with a turning radius of zero (and hence they are called zero-turn mowers). This feature, in turn, makes the job easy to maneuver around plants that you want to keep, lawn decor, or the kids’ pool.

A zero-turn mower can cost as much as a few thousand dollars, maybe even a bit more. It’s something that you have to think thoroughly about before the final purchase. Go through all the options and find the model that’s right for your yard’s needs.

Fortunately for you, this buying guide will help you determine everything related to that. When you are looking to buy the best zero turn mower, you will probably hear many differing opinions.

The market is filled with many mowers with different options, and often choosing the right one for you can become a daunting task.

So, let’s discover what makes the best zero-turn mower, shall we? 

1. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 in Zero Turn Mower with Lap Bar Control

The Ultima ZT1 50 Zero Turn Mower is an accomplished operator. Built with the finest materials, this riding mower combines aesthetic appeal with competent functionality, which makes it a truly high-end machine. Packed to the brim with several innovative features, this zero turn mower is well equipped to handle whatever difficulty your turf throws at it. It is also time and effort-effective and mild on your turf. Best of all, the Ultima ZT1 50 Zero Turn Mower is priced competitively, offers a flexible payment option and includes a handy 3-year warranty. 

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Physical Features:

The vivid colors of the Ultima ZT1 serve to enhance its aesthetic appeal and stand it out.

The Ultima ZT1 requires some assembly, and you may need professional input with this. Once assembled, it takes on an open frame design, with a tubular steel finish. This mower is clearly built to last, with its steel frame and fully E-Coat lower frame protected against weathering by its trademark Triple Guard Corrosion Defense System. It also sports an easily removable floor pan, facilitating unrestricted access to the deck and engine for easy maintenance.

An especially useful feature of this zero turn mower is the thoughtful inclusion of illuminating Dual-LED headlights, which enables you to work effectively even in low light conditions.

The smooth tread front wheels can pivot 180 degrees without adversely affecting your turf, with Turf Master rear tyres offering complete purchase on all terrains and enhancing work speed. All these are supported by a fully welded tubular steel axle, which maximizes solidity. A 2″ X 2″ tubular steel bumper offers further protection from external damage.


This unit is supported by a Premium 23 HP 726 cc Kawasaki FR691V twin-cylinder OHV engine. It also sports a Dual Hydro-Gear EZT-2200 dual hydrostatic rear-wheel transmission, which supports a forward speed of 7.5 MPH and reverse speed of 3.5 MPH. This infuses your lawn with an even, professionally cut look.

A 3.5-gallon fuel tank capacity enables you to spend less time refuelling and channel your energies to more productive pursuits.


This zero turn mower is equipped with a variety of features that enhance user comfort and minimizes user fatigue, even over long stretches. It features a fully-adjustable, ergonomic premium 18″ seat which is modelled after car seats, and which provides ample support for your spine. Springs have also been done away with, in favour of an advanced polymer seat suspension system that promotes comfort. These subtle touches ensure that you can work for longer without experiencing any discomfort.

For steering, the Ultima ZT1 offers two 3-way adjustable ergonomic lap bars. The lap bars can be tightened or loosened to suit your arms’ length and feature ergonomic handgrips. The handgrips enhance comfort and promotes simple, effortless operation of the mower. When you need to brake, simply spread the lap bars apart; the Ultima ZT1 zero turn mower’s lap bars feature an integrated braking system. This feature also ensures that you can mow your turf even when the mower is in reverse.

You won’t have to experience the discomfort of vibrating floors with this mower. It features a rubber floor mat that diminishes the effects of vibrations and gives your feet greater traction. In addition, there’s increased floor space for more legroom, and the control panel is conveniently located within reach. You can even place a glass of your favourite beverage in the provided holder, to refresh while you work.


A multitude of innovative functions sets this zero turn mower apart from the rest. Its flagship SmartJet deck wash system prevents grass and debris from concentrating under the deck, cleaning them out with high-pressure water. The corrosion-resistant reinforcement of the Ultima ZT1 makes this feature entirely safe.

The mower deck height is easily adjustable to up to 15 positions with the use of a foot pedal. This feature, aligned with a cutting height of 1″- 4.5″ ensures that the grass is cut to your requirements. A 50″ Triple Blade deck makes quick work of grass, promoting greater evenness, reducing clumps and generally infusing your turf with a beautifully streamlined look.

The deck is made of solid materials, boasting reinforced leading edges and an AeroForce cutting system for enhanced effectiveness. The Cub Cadet Triple Guard Corrosion Defense System™ with E-Coat also protects this mower from damage by the elements.

  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Comprehensive user’s manual
  • Comfortable design
  • Expensive

2. Ryobi 42 in. 100 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Ryobi has a proud history of delivering high-quality products, and this is no exception. It is to Ryobi’s immense credit that making their first foray into the electric zero-turn mowers niche, they were able to nail it so spectacularly. Homeowners who do not want to deal with the hassles associated with gasoline-powered zero turn mowers, or who are concerned about the environment will be pleased with this product. Another thing that counts in favour of this zero turn mower is the fact that it is mild on your pocket. It is offered at a price that’s far lower than other electric mowers, and the maintenance costs are minimal. If quietness is a quality you look out for in a mower, then this mower is for you. The Ryobi 42″ Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower has a lot going for it, which we’ll talk about here.

ryobi zero turn mower review
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Fully Electric:

With the Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower, you won’t have to worry about belts, oil, fumes, gas throttle chokes, filters, and spark plugs. This electric riding mower also saves you from maintenance costs. You also don’t have to worry about emission, pollution and other environmental issues with this zero turn mower.

The Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower makes use of four lead-acid 12V batteries, which have been wired in series to provide an output of 48V. This might seem minimal, but it actually translates to 100 amp-hours, which is enough to clear up to 3 acres of turf on a single charge. However, this estimate might drop off if you have an overgrown lawn when the mower struggles a bit and has to use more power to get through. The battery can be charged through standard 120-Volt outlets, and the charging port is strategically positioned at the rear.

This electric zero turn mower also works pretty quietly, which is a definite plus if you’re after that particular quality. On the flip side, the twin blades can be quite audible when the motor struggles with overgrown patches of grass. Nevertheless, this can be easily solved by increasing power.


The Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower is quite easy on the eye, and this beauty is complimented by solidity. It sports a rugged steel frame design and a heavy-duty 42-inch steel deck provides consummate durability.

This electric mower also features super-bright LED lights, which ensure that you can work anytime- even at dusk and before dawn.


The Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower proves that comfort ranks high on its list of priorities with a number of subtle touches. For starters, the seat is adjustable to up to four positions, which gives you the flexibility to choose what works for you. This mower also provides USB ports for charging your phone, which is really useful in our books. It also features a cup holder (to keep you hydrated while working) and enclosed storage compartments for small items such as keys.

Working in cramped quarters can make you uncomfortable and cause you to tire quickly, but this mower offers ample legroom, which guarantees comfort. You can work for much longer with this electric mower.

The control panel is also placed well within reach, and it displays important information such as the battery level and estimated run time.

Adjustable Settings:

The blades of this electric mower can struggle at times with thick, overgrown lawn and damp grass, but this is easily remedied by toggling the low-speed settings. You can set both the mower and blades to slow speed, which will give it enough momentum to effectively tackle the tougher spots.

You can also adjust the deck height of this electric zero-turn mower very easily. It gives you the freedom to cycle between 1.5″ to 4.5″, which can ensure that your lawn maintains a uniform, professionally done look.


The lap bars of this Electric Zero Turn Mower are very standard. They offer solid precision, and movement is very fluid and natural with them. What makes this remarkable is that most electric mowers move very jerkily, and respond to even the slightest touch from you. The lap bars ignite the torque of the brushless motor, making steering quite difficult to control. These issues do not crop up with the Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower.

  • Comfortable
  • Solid and fast mower deck
  • Armrests
  • Choke-free start
  • Easy maintenance
  • The user manual is not detailed enough
  • No headlights

4. Toro 50 in. 23 HP Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Toro TimeCutter zero-turn riding mower offers several impeccable features that rank it in the top tier of zero-turn mowers. From performance to comfort, this mower delivers with distinction. Toro is a brand that boasts proven pedigree when it comes to the production of high-grade residential and commercial riding mowers, and the TimeCutter matches up to their incredibly high standards. This zero turn mower packs immense power; it makes quick work of any kind of grass, no matter how thickset the grass grows to be. The wonderful suspension system of this mower guarantees your comfort even in the roughest of terrains. A 3-year unlimited hours warranty, in addition to several other marvellous features, makes the TimeCutter the complete option.

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Physical Features:

This mower was built with solid, high-quality materials to guarantee you peace of mind and ensure the longevity of your investment. The deck of this mower is reinforced with iron and fully welded, to ensure that your mower continues to perform optimally even after many years. The belts are Kevlar protected, while other features such as huge 6 in. spindles and 10-Guage steel deck shell maintain the integrity of your mower over several years.

The tyres are equipped with protective fenders, which serve to shield your engine from tyre spray and also prevent it from splashing on you. The TimeCutter also sports a bull-nose bumper that’s designed to take adversity in its stride.


The TimeCutter boasts a Kawasaki 24.5HP/708cc Toro V-Twin 4-Cycle OHV Engine which gives it immense power and speed and also provides the 3 blades with enough impetus to cut smoothly and effectively. Speed of up to 7 MPH is supported by a Heavy Duty Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 Hydrostatic Transmission.

This mower’s engine also features a quick drain oil hose, a double-barrel carburettor and spin-on oil filter to ensure that your mower delivers hitch-free performances whenever it’s called into action. A 10cc pump and motor provide adequate support to the TimeCutter when it executes difficult tasks.

The engine of this zero turn mower also features a 3-gallon capacity fuel tank that enables you to work for several hours without needing to refill.


The TimeCutter was crafted with painstaking attention and care and boasts several features designed to increase user comfort and make riding this mower a pleasant experience. It features a handcrafted high back seat that offers ample support for your back, ensuring that you don’t get cramped and uncomfortable. The seat is completed by armrests, which provides you with ultimate comfort, ensuring that the ride feels like a picnic instead of work.

This mower also boasts the innovative and thoughtful MyRide suspension system, which guarantees maximum comfort, even when you’re working on the roughest of terrains. The steering of this zero turn mower is silky smooth, with none of the sudden jerks that plague other products present here. A fully tubular front axle fitted with wide front casters also enhances the smoothness of your ride.

Refresh, rehydrate and re-energize with your favourite beverage. The TimeCutter offers a built-in cup holder and several enclosed pockets where you can stash small items. This zero turn mower also offers cushioned floors, to minimize the effect of vibration, alongside more than sufficient legroom to guarantee your comfort.


The Toro Smart Speed Technology offers you complete control of your speed. Depending on the type of campaign, with the flip of a lever, you can cycle between 7 MPH in mow mode, 5.5 MPH in tow mode and 4 MPH in trim mode. This feature can help give your lawn a professional look, which will be the envy of the whole neighbourhood. You can also control your cut height at the push of a button.

The TimeCutter can also save you more than 50% mowing time, with the 50 in. deck capable of powering through obstacles without hassles, providing you with a wonderfully even turf. You can also manoeuvre around obstacles easily with the featured foot assist deck lift.

Your mower is protected from dirt and debris build-up by the Max-Flo air filtration system. You can also get rid of dirt and mud with washout ports which can be directly attached to your garden hose.

  • Smart Speed Technology
  • 50 in. deck
  • Comfortable seat and armrest
  • MyRide Suspension System
  • Durable
  • The brake is not very durable

5. Troy-Bilt 42 in. 679 cc Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Troy-Bilt Zero Turn Mower is highly rated, and it’s easy to see why. This zero turn mower is packed with special features that can make clearing your lawn seem less like a chore, reducing the time spent working on your turf by over 50%. Made with extremely durable materials, this mower is designed to tough it out for several years and keep functioning optimally, regardless of age. It is ideal for larger, flat or slightly hilly yards, and is powerful enough to mow large stretches of land continuously. You can also achieve the perfect cut with the Mustang Z42; it offers unfettered control. A limited 3-year warranty offer also serves to sweeten the deal.

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Physical Features:

The Mustang Z42 was built with the best and most trusted parts. Its full length, fully welded, heavy-duty 2 inches tubular frame effectively absorbs impact while simultaneously providing optimum stability. This zero-turn mower is designed to survive adversity and to be durable enough to not cause any discomfort while at it. It was also built to last long and work well on any terrain. Its tyres have been specially adapted to improve traction on any terrain and improve turning. The wheels are also specially designed to bring turfing to a minimum, improving the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

It does require some assembly on arrival, but if you’re unable to handle this, the manufacturer’s technicians are happy to lend a hand. The frame of this zero turn mower is covered by a lifetime warranty.


One thing that contributes to the allure of this zero turn mower is its engine capacity. The Mustang Z42 sports a 679 cc V-twin OHV Troy-Bilt engine, which infuses the mower with immense power to function for long without stalling or failing. The engine is protected by a forged steel crankshaft, which enhances its durability. It also features full pressure lubrication which ensures that oil is effectively circulated to critical components.

Mower manoeuvrability and speed are enhanced by a dual hydrostatic transmission. The Mustang Z42 is able to move at a forward speed of 7 MPH and a reverse speed of 2.5 MPH. The engine also features a large 3.5-gallon fuel tank, which translates to more run time and fewer stoppages.


Mustang Z42 Zero Turn Mower offers several features that enhance user comfort. The high back cushion on this mower has been designed and optimized to provide adequate support to your back and spine, which can bring discomfort down to the barest minimum. The seat is strategically placed to offer easy access to the control panel. Vibration is one of the chief causes of user discomfort on most zero-turn mowers, but the Mustang Z42 incorporates features that ensure that that particular complaint is effectively put to rest.

The lap bars of this mower feature foam grips, which serve to reduce the strain on your wrists, enhancing comfort and enabling you to work for longer without the risk of your hands cramping. In addition, the Mustang’s lap bar controls feature an integrated parking brake. You can simply stop and park the mower by spreading the lap bars apart.

Regardless of how tall you are, this zero turn mower offers enough legroom to prevent discomfort and allow you to work for longer.


Achieve the perfect cut with this mower’s 42 in. twin blades cutting deck. The ultra-reliable deck features up to nine cutting height adjustments, and you can cycle between 1.25 to 3.75 inches. This feature ensures that your lawn adopts an even, streamlined look.

The Mustang Z42 also offers an easily accessible electric PTO which easily engages the cutting blades and ensures that tasks are carried out quickly.

To clean the deck of this zero turn mower, all you need to do is attach a garden hose to the integral deck wash port on the cutting deck, then run the tap. This will effectively and quickly rinse off grass clippings from the bottom of the deck.

  • Highly durable
  • Ergonomic and comfortable lap bars
  • 3-year warranty
  • Comfortable ride
  • Solid Engine
  • The lap bars are not perfectly orientated

Choosing the Best Zero Turn Mower – Buying Guide

best zero turn mower

First, What Is a Zero-Turn Mower?

You’ll have to understand this terminology because you’ll see it being used everywhere to describe certain mowers on the market. Making sure you know what it means first will allow you to know whether its features are things you’re looking for or not.

In traditional lawnmowers, the cutting deck is located underneath the machine. This allows the grass clippings to fly out from the mower. But in the case of a zero-turn mower, the deck is located either in the front or the side of the machine and extending from its sides. Zero-turn mowers are designed with unique systems that prevent the grass from being thrown all over your yard as you cut it down.

What makes these mowers “zero-turn” mowers is the fact that their turning radius is much smaller than that of the traditional lawnmowers. As you choose to turn it, it will quickly pivot in whichever direction you want it to turn. It would be best suited for yards with several corners and unusual angles. You’ll get around on it quickly without having to stop every now and then to back up and adjust your direction.

It will also help you to easily maneuver around different obstacles found in the way, like toys left by kids after playing. In addition to that, zero-turn mowers are made with two handles that move it to the right or the left. To a significant number of people, this is the best type of mowers that you can get.

Why You Should Get a Zero-Turn Mower?

Here’re all the nice stuff that you can get from using a zero-turn mower:

  • Getting as much out of your money as you can. A zero-turn mower is a good investment. It will last for two times as long as a traditional mower, with commercial models lasting even longer than that.
  • Better cutting: the blades of a zero-turn mower would usually be bigger and sharper than those of a traditional mower. This allows for cleaner and better cuts than what you’ll get from anything else.
  • A lot of models are either sold with their mulching kit or are compatible with a mulching kit. The kit can be used to lay down mulch or to make it out of lawn clippings.
  • Save money: zero-turn mowers have better fuel consumption as they would get the job done faster than any other lawnmower.
  • Do everything faster. Zero-turn mowers perform quick turns and can mow around corners as well as being able to move around potential hazards.

Types of Zero Turn Mowers

  • Entry-Level Zero Turn Mowers

And entry-level mower would be an excellent choice for someone wanting to try out the feeling of a zero-turn mower every weekend or so without having to pay the price of a professional model.

You’ll find in this category affordable yet dependable mowing machines that can cut a yard in half the time of a lawn tractor. They can easily get around obstacles such as tress. They would come with smaller and less-powerful engines that have smaller gas tanks, and they would reach speeds of 6 to 7 MPH.

Additionally, beginner zero turn lawn mowers are made out of less expensive material. They aren’t suitable for daily use, but they’ll help out a ton during the weekends. And you’ll find some of the best zero turn mowers in this category. They are certainly not to be dismissed.

  • Mid-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

Do you want to take it to the next step with something more powerful?

Consider mid-grade zero-turn mowers. These mowers come with heavier-duty parts in specific places where more sturdiness and stability really count. That will make every task more comfortable than ever.

Now, instead of the stamped mower decks that you’ll find on entry-level zero-turn mowers, a mid-grade mower will have a heavy-duty deck that’s made out of heavy gauge steel with welded joints for more strength. More robust transmission is another feature of a mid-grade mower. It’ll also have larger pumps and wheel motors, more torque ratings, and a more substantial load limit.

Another feature of the mid-range class is the foot-controlled height adjustment for the deck in addition to the more comfortable seats.

The variety of engines is also quite remarkable. You’ll find famous brands like Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton. What you’ll get out of these engines is a higher level of reliability and overall better performance.

  • Semi-Pro Zero Turn Mowers

If you’re a budget landscaping contractor or a property owner looking to take care of their field of dreams, then this class of zero-turn mowers is what you should aim for.

These are durable machines specifically made for daily use. They’re made with the heavy-duty transmission, larger fuel tanks, and heavier gauge steel frames.

You’ll get an acceleration of up to 8 MPH and a mowing time of 4 to 5 acres without the need for a gas refill.

When it comes to the ergonomics, you’re getting cruise control, several cup holders, adjustable armrests, and high back seats. Semi-pro zero turn mowers are some of the best zero-turn mowers you can get.

  • Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

This is the top of the mountain class. For anyone looking to get some real business done, a commercial zero-turn mower will get it done for you. These are the best of the best zero-turn mowers that anyone can get their hands on.

A commercial mower comes with everything in extra size – the fastest speeds, biggest fuel tanks, most powerful engines, = largest mowing decks, and, consequently, the highest price tag.

To understand the high limit of their performance, know that a commercial zero-turn mower can mow up to 3 or 4 acres in an hour. These are machines that were specifically built to be used daily by professional landscaping experts who make a living out of mowing lawns.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

  • Size

Different sizes will be available to you to purchase, as you would notice from the list of mowers mentioned above. You must clearly understand the difference in cutting sizes before getting a mower. The range would usually be from 30” to 72”. There isn’t an undisputed size for the best zero-turn mower. What would suit you best in size would heavily depend on where and how you’re going to use the mower.

  • 30” – This is on the smaller end of the cutting width spectrum. It would be suitable for the small and flat yards but won’t be recommended for a yard with slopes.
  • 34” to 42” – larger in comparison to the 30”. Suitable for yards around the size of 2 acres. Maneuvering around trees and landscaping won’t be an issue for them, and the same goes for most zero-turn mowers.
  • 46” – These are the mowers that are usually chosen to work on mid-sized lawns. They can do a better job with slopes than what was previously mentioned, and can even operate underneath bushes.
  • 48” – Another good option for medium-sized lawns. You won’t have a problem operating them in moderate slopes or hills that can go up to 15°degress.
  • 50” to 54” – This is a category of larger models. Not only can they be operated in moderate slopes but also on different types of terrain, as rough as they may get. The larger beams that they have also provide more stability overall.
  • 60” to 72” – The largest size of the zero-turn mowers. Aimed at commercial and overall large properties. No terrain is too rough for them, and they can handle hills of angles up to 15°.
  • Deck Size

This is one of the principal aspects to consider when getting a new lawnmower. The larger the deck size, the fewer passes it will take you to finish mowing the lawn, saving both money and time. Having a large deck size and a tight turning radius and maneuverability is a game-changing feature when using a lawnmower. But you must know precisely the size that you’ll require before making your purchase.

Again, this is another aspect where there isn’t an objective answer for the best zero-turn mower. It all depends on your needs. There’s a delicate balance between getting easy maneuvering between obstacles and being able to cut your grass in the least number of passes possible.

If you won’t have to get around tight spots and you’re going to operate in an open flat field, then get yourself the biggest deck in size and don’t think twice about it. But if you’re yard is full of plats that you want to protect and obstacles along the way, then having a big deck will only cause problems rather than solve them. You must also keep in mind the storage requirements for a mower with a wide deck. The bigger the mower, the more storage space it will need.

For a professional landscaper, having more than just one lawnmower in the arsenal is probably a good idea (of course, if they can afford it). In this case, having two mowers of different sizes (one up to 50 or 60” and another smaller one around 30”) will make you more prepared and ready for the different yard cases that you may face. That way, you can use the large deck for large, open areas and the smaller one for tighter yards with obstacles along the way.

  • Engine Size and Horsepower

Having different engine sizes for differently-sized mowers is something to be expected. Obviously, this would also mean a difference in the horsepower that each mower would pack. As you might have guessed, commercial zero-turn mowers will be the ones to have the largest engines and, consequently, the most horsepower.

On the other end of the spectrum, entry-level zero-turn mowers will be the ones with the smaller engines and the least horsepower. But this isn’t the only distinction you have to keep in mind as it goes more profound with each category. You’ll find a variety of sizes in commercial mowers, as well as a variety of sizes for entry-level ones.

The bigger the engine and the more horsepower the mower has, the tougher it will be. For someone with vast land and several types of plants to mow like the Bermuda grass and the St. Augustine, this is a very critical aspect. If you’re looking to cut thick grass, then we don’t recommend a mower with little horsepower because it will have a hard time cutting it. A weak engine will mow the lush lawn slowly, and over time, it will start to wear down due to its inability to meet the required power. This will cause the need for more frequent maintenance and will shorten the lifespan of the mower.

Also, for someone who’s going to operate on uneven terrain, you don’t want to be using a mower with little horsepower as it won’t be able to move around the land quickly. The best zero-turn lawn mowers have more horsepower, so go for more power if you want to have a good mowing experience.

  • Speed

Speed is yet another characteristic that varies from one lawnmower to the next. If you’re a professional landscaper, whose time is equated to money, then this is something you want to pay attention to. The bigger it is and the faster it can go, the less time it will take you to get the job done.

A professional will have to finish each job they get as quickly as possible and move on to the next to do the same. As for a regular house owner, this means that you’ll be taking care of your weekend chores in no time, and you’ll get back to relaxation before you know it.

When comparing entry-level mowers to mid-range ones, you won’t notice much difference in top speed. In both categories, the limit will be around 6 to 7 MPH. The semi-pro mowers can take it up a notch to 8 or 9 MPH. Now commercial zero-turn mowers will exceed that frontier significantly to reach 13 to 14 MPH. This means that it will only take 70% of the time needed by a semi-pro mower to cut the same lawn. 50% compared to the mid-range mowers. Good mowers are fast, and the best zero-turn lawn mowers are the fastest.

  • Engine Size and Horsepower

Traditionally speaking, zero-turn mowers have been operated in the past by dual levers. But recently, the usual design has been somewhat altered. The two-lever system is still the most common out there, with each lever controlling the distributed power to each wheel. Having the two levers at the same power level will keep the mower speeding in a straight line.

But pushing one past the other and the mower will start moving in a curved line. And if you choose the power one lever while keeping the other at zero will cause the mower to pivot around its central axis.

This is a perfectly functioning method for driving the mower, but it will definitely take some time to get used to it for someone who’s never tried this control system before. It’s not a very intuitive method, but it does get the job done with some practice.

Now, on the other hand, we can find newer designs that favor a more ergonomic joystick control system rather than the two levers. Some would consider this as a deciding factor in choosing the best zero-turn lawn mower for them.

One of its benefits is allowing one hand to be free as the other is used to control the joystick. Another great thing about the joystick is the fact that it’s more responsive than the levers making it easier to drive the mower.

  • Price

Of course, we can’t forget to talk about the price. Zero-turn lawn mowers are definitely not cheap. Even the least expensive models of the lot, which are the entry-level mowers, still go for as high as $2000. As for the more expensive ones, they would start at the $5000 mark.

Before you decide which price is right for you, you have to consider the features you need and the price tag associated with them. Getting a semi-commercial or a commercial mower that’s made out of the durable components and welded steal will be a better long-term investment as these machines are built to last for long and to need little maintenance.

This means that for someone looking to use their zero-turn lawn mower for professional landscaping or daily work during the week, getting one of the more higher-end will be a wise choice. A pricy mower will always be stronger; it will always last longer and provide better options like a powerful engine and a full deck.

You won’t be cheated out of your money. In the long run, you’ll be saving yourself maintenance and replacement costs and making up for its initial price with work in a couple of years.

Always put the needed features and the price in the balance and find the best zero-turn lawn mower that brings both of both worlds. Find a good compromise between the features and the bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Should a Zero Turn Mower Cost?
A: A simple push mower will only cost you around $300, maybe even less. In comparison, a riding mower that can be operated in a seated position will cost you more. For the traditional riding mowers with a large turning radius, you’ll have to pay anything between $500 and $1000. Some models even exceed this.

What makes a zero-turn lawn mower even more expensive than that is that they’re made with more options and features that help simplify and accelerate the mowing process even further.

After doing some digging, we found that the cheapest model that we came across is at about $1500. On the other hand, the top models of the zero-turn mowers will cost as much as $3000 to $4000. Taking this a step further, you’ll have to spend anything between $5000 to $7500 and, in some cases, more for a commercial zero-turn lawnmower. That means that you might have to spend on a mower more than you would spend on a used car.

After fixing your budget, look around for all the models that mean your price range and choose one of the higher-tier lawn mowers that you can get for that price. You’ll want a solid deck made of forged steel or some other sturdy and hard material. Also, meeting the 20-horsepower range for the engine is recommended.

The higher you go with the price, the more features you’ll get, the better. A right zero-turn mower won’t break the bank, but the best zero-turn mower will give you your money’s worth and more.

Q: How Can I Maintain My Zero Turn Mower?
A: Here are several keynotes to keep in mind when using your zero-turn mower. The best zero-turn mower requires the best care.

  • Get noise protection earplugs to protect your ears
  • Be careful when operating on wet grass. On a slope, some of the heavy mowers will slide even if it’s not that wet.
  • Remember to change the oil regularly. It’s just like a car. Clean oil means better performance.
  • Keep it clean. The mower will get dirty as you use it more and more to cut grass. For better performance and longevity, clean it up regularly.
  • Keep the cutting blade sharp to make sure that the grass is always cut smoothly.
  • Grease the mower frequently to maintain its performance at an optimal level.
  • Read the zero-turn mower’s manual thoroughly before using it and follow the instructions precisely.

Q: What is a Lawn Tractor?
A: A lawn tractor is an alternative for the zero-turn lawnmower. A tractor will look like a regular riding mower but will be compatible with different attachments for mowing, bagging up, and so on.

Q: Are There Different Fuel Options?
A: You’ll come across the fact that zero-turn mowers use different types of fuel as you do some research on them. Some mowers run on the same kind of gasoline as your car does; others will be operated with diesel, which can be obtained from the gas station.

Propane mowers also exist, though they are not as popular as the rest. All we know is that the best zero-turn mower will have minimum fuel consumption. You want to save money, don’t you?

Q: What Happens to the Grass?
A: This will differ from one model to the next. While some mowers will release the cut grass from underneath the mower, others will throw it out of the back. If you want to collect the grass that you cut, you can attach a collection bad to the cutting deck, which will trap all the grass that the blades go through.

Q: Is There a Learning Curve?
A: Using a zero-turn lawn mower won’t be very easy the first time. You must go ap a steep learning curve before you get to a comfortable zone in using the mower, especially when trying to operate the handles in maneuvering around the lawn.

The best zero-turn lawn mower will be an easy to learn mower. But you’ll always want to be ready to operate one of these machines. Zero-turn mowers sit apart from the traditional riding mowers when it comes to maneuvering and steering. While a conventional mower will use a steering wheel for control, a zero-turn lawn mower will utilize two levers to control movement backward, forward, and for turning.

It would be advisable for a first-timer to try and drive their newly bought mower without mowing the grass, to get a feel of how to maneuver in it before getting down to business. Take an hour or two of your time to drive around the yard to practice and improve your skills in controlling the machine.

Doing it at first, you’re going to get a weird feeling out of the driving, it won’t feel natural. But as time goes by, and it won’t take much, it’ll become like second nature to you.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide gave you a deeper understanding of this particular type of lawnmowers, and we hope that our list of best zero-turn lawn mowers will be beneficial for you in choosing. Now, all you have to do is consider your options thoroughly and pick the best zero-turn lawn mower for you and your lawn.